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The Fight For Justice
Going South is a Post-Rebirth DC Comics site, taking place in the aftermath of the Darkseid War and DC Comics: Rebirth.

Taking place on Earth 0, the Prime Earth, world states are formed largely out of the comic books themselves versus external media, though additional lore references are pulled from shows like Young Justice and Justice League Unlimited while using the comics as a jumping off point to carry the story forward.

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If you're a new member and you've read all of the rules below, please see our guide to registering and starting here.


Above is the site's official rating on the RPG rating scale. More specifically, this site allows anything that isn't expressly forbidden by Jcink's terms of service for premium boards. A more detailed breakdown of what is and isn't allowed can be found in their terms of service FAQ if you need to know about specifics.

  • Don't be a dick. Harassment of any kind isn't allowed. If someone asks you politely to stop or change the subject, do it.

  • Plagiarism isn't cool. Don't copy and paste anything you haven't written yourself, including parts of your character application. Remember that it's still plagiarism if you just swap out words from a wiki's bio.

  • Don't advertise outside of the advertising section.

  • Don't spam.

  • No shitposting; this isn't 4chan or Reddit.

  • No godmodding. You control your own character, not anyone else's. If you don't play the character and they're not an NPC, don't put words into other characters' mouths or write out their reactions to things. Auto-hitting during a fight scene is considered godmodding.
    • Exceptions to this can be made when both players have agreed to it to move a plot along or do something that would be difficult without godmodding (i.e. throwing or pinning a character during a fight). Just make an OOC note about it somewhere in the post so we don't swing the banhammer at you when you're innocent.

  • Don't power play. Some superheroes may be stupidly strong, but they're not infallible and your writing should reflect that. Sometimes bad things happen or things won't go your character's way, and you should let them.
    • For people writing weaker or non-powered characters, don't be afraid to be the Batman of the thread. Not being strong doesn't mean you can't impact the plot or need to be a damsel in distress.

  • Stay true to your character, especially if you're writing a canon. Do your homework before even thinking about writing an application.


Going South exclusively uses comic scans, promotional art, commissions, and fan art for canon characters. Celebrities are not used for play-bys. People who want to app characters exclusive to live-action adaptations need to find art of those characters for their graphics.

OC play-bys can use art or a character from media that isn't live-action, including comics/manga, cartoons/anime, video games, and other forms of 2D art. A lot of superhero series exist out there other than just Marvel and DC if you're looking for a character in costume. If you have trouble finding an appropriate play-by, feel free to ask staff for help. Art should be stylistically appropriate for a the setting and shouldn't have heavily exaggerated anatomy -- no super cartoony characters or moe blobs. This would be far more appropriate than this. Remember that if a character has a design you like, but how they look in the series wouldn't work, there's still often fanart that can be used for them.

Face claims are not required and a written description in your application is a perfectly permissible substitute. If you don't use a face claim, use some sort of symbolic representation for your avatar.

The main avatar is 250x400, the icon that shows above your post is 90x90, and the icon in your miniprofile is 70x70. The icons can be gifs or static images, but the main avatar should be static. All images posted to the board should be no wider than 600px to avoid stretching the page.

Post templates are allowed, but the templates need to be legible. This means readable fonts with contrasting colors. They also shouldn't contain too many pointless wingdings like unnecessary hovering and scrolling or half a dozen gifs. Templates should be no larger than 600px wide. Template rules are elastic and staff will contact you if your template isn't appropriate.


Players can apply for almost any character in the DC universe, though most need to be based in the comic incarnation because this is a canon-divergent AU site from Rebirth rather than a reinterpretative AU. You can pull elements of your writing from adaptations in other media, but this isn't a DCEU/CW/etc. site. We do not accept characters from other franchises, but you're free to make a pastiche or homage character based on one from another series like Marvel if you want to, just keep in mind that they have to adhere to DC's setting. The only characters we aren't accepting at the moment are "historical" characters like the Justice Society of America, canons characters from alternate universes/timelines, and a handful of characters that are plot locked or deceased. Note that these are all going to be open for play at some point in the future are only restricted now for plot reasons. See the canon list and the F.A.Q. for more information.

Information on reserving canon characters can be found in the registration guidelines.

OCs are not restricted by background or powers as long as they make sense in the setting. We're not gonna put you down for wanting to play a ridiculous character in a setting as ridiculous as the DCU. As long as they fit into the DCU, as long as there's an appropriate precedent for their ridiculousness, go nuts. Common sense is the hard rule with OCs and specific things about what is and isn't likely to be accepted can be found in the F.A.Q.

While OC characters are allowed for play, it's suggested that a canon be picked up as well. After all, this is a DC Comics site, and if no one plays canons, then there's not much to go off on. Applying for a canon nets you the ability to app an OC. As long as you strive for parity, you could app two OC's before you app your second canon, though this would be subject to admin approval.


Members who have been completely absent across all of their accounts for one month or more and members who haven't posted in two months or more will have their account(s) marked inactive, but not deleted. You can have as many OCs as you want within reason, but you need to be active on the site before taking more than three canons. Activity rules are elastic because not all characters need to be used at the same time. Members' activity will be looked at on a case-by-case basis and take into account the characters they play when they apply for additional characters.


If something seems like it could cause trouble but there isn't explicitly a rule against it, don't do it. Admins reserve the right to deal with members who start shit but aren't technically breaking any rules however they feel is appropriate for the situation.

01. Register your cbox name with your board alias/OOC account.

02. Respect the pecking order.

03. Don't be a punk ass and spam the cbox.

04. Don't be a dick to other people in the cbox.

05. All Your Base All Belong To Us.

06. Don't advertise your site in the cbox.

07. Have a cookie.

08. Follow the board rules and the Jcink Terms Of Service.

09. Guest questions go here if no one's present in the cbox.

10. Use the shoutbox below for open threads and tagging posts.

11. Beware Hypertime.

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