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Going South is a Post-Rebirth DC Comics site, taking place in the aftermath of the Darkseid War and DC Comics: Rebirth.

Taking place on Earth 0, the Prime Earth, world states are formed largely out of the comic books themselves versus external media, though additional lore references are pulled from shows like Young Justice and Justice League Unlimited while using the comics as a jumping off point to carry the story forward.

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Q. Do I need to have read Rebirth to write on this site?

Nope! Remember, the site splinters off from main continuity with the events of Rebirth #1. If you want to know what happened, the plot summary for the site should help. If you want to read the issue for yourself without even having to hit up a comic shop, it's like three bucks on Comixology. /shamelessplug

Q. Do I need to read comics to write on this site?

Nope! Background knowledge of comics is helpful, and perhaps necessary for minor characters, but you can often get the "spirit" of a character with respect to their general personality and concept from adaptations like the DCAU, Smallville, Arrow, the Dark Knight Trilogy, direct-to-DVD DC animated films, etc. Just remember that we're not accepting AU versions of characters at this point in time.

If you want to read comics and just have no idea where to start or are otherwise intimidated by things like continuity and story arcs, consider asking Cypher, Mr. Badguy, or regular members in the chat. We'd be happy to give you recommendations for good stories if you have an interest in reading.

Q. Why do you do [thing] differently from other sites?

Everyone else doing something one way doesn't mean it's the best way to do it. Most of the deviations between this place and other superhero sites (or role playing sites in general) are more purposeful than "because we said so", and the reasoning behind it is often born of experience rather than a shot in the dark. If you want to know why we did a specific thing, feel free to ask in the chat or in the questions subforum. If you think we could benefit from doing something differently, don't hesitate to point it out either in the chat or in the suggestions subforum.

Q. I don't like [thing] about the application. Can I change it?

It's mentioned in the application rules that we don't really care how you format your application as long as the relevant information is filled out. This doesn't mean that the app is a freeform app, but members have flexibility with how they write their apps and we're not gonna jump down your throat for changing things a bit.

Q. If you don't care about restricting characters by powers/background, then why is there a list of unavailable canons on the canon list?

The handful of characters on the unavailable/deceased list are only there because of relevance to planned site plots, not concerns over abusing their powers or anything of that nature. After plots involving them blow over, they'll be open to general members.


Q. Do I have to stick to a canon character's continuity/portrayal?

Within reason. Think of yourself as a comic book writer while you're on this site -- you're continuing where past writers have left off. With respect to personality, your take on a character might be somewhat different from another writer's, and that's fine and dandy, but if you deviate too far from canon and twist a character's personality without an in-universe justification like character development, the editorial (staff in this case) might have to bring it up.

From a continuity perspective, you can sweep things you don't like under a rug and should feel free to retcon things within reason. Our general policy with canon is that everything is canon ('cuz Hypertime and stuff), including what the players bring to the table, but it doesn't all have to be relevant or acknowledged.

Q. A canon character I want to play has a wanted ad for them along with some plots an established player wants to do. Do I have to cooperate with them?

No, but it would be really nice if you did.

Q. Can I play a character from an adaptation of a DC series that has never been in any comics?

Yes. This happens all the time in comics and we'd welcome it here as long as they fit into current continuity. Just remember that if the character originates from a live-action source, you still need to find art to represent that character.

Q. Can I play a character that's not from an adaptation similarly to their counterpart from an adaptation?

This depends on the character in question and what you're drawing inspiration from. Oftentimes, traits from adaptations in other media bleed back into the comics, and many adaptations get the general gist of characters' personalities right and you really just need to fill in the blanks with history. We'd actually rather have some characters present in the comics, but underutilized/underdeveloped their counterparts in adaptations -- like Sportsmaster and Tigress -- be apped like the adapted versions, but this is purely a case-by-case issue. When in doubt, ask staff.

Q. Can I play a character from another universe like Earth-2? What about the JSA?

Yes and no on both counts. The rule of thumb is that the character you're apping has to be on Prime Earth as of Rebirth -- no universe-hopping shenanigans that aren't already a part of canon. In other words, it's waived for ex-JSAers like Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) and the Spectre because they've already been established on Prime Earth. The same would go for Earth-2 Huntress and Power Girl if they didn't zip back to Earth-2. The reason for this, like the other restricted characters, is that these are eventually going to be aspects of site plots. Keep in mind that this is only a temporary restriction and will be lifted in the future.


Q. Do you allow original characters? What are they restricted to?

Original characters, be they something you've developed over the course of 25 years for that novel you never really got off of the ground, or a character who's vaguely similar to that one character from that one particular franchise, they're allowed for play. As this is primarily a canon based site, you will have to apply for a canon (major or otherwise) first, and then maintain parity between your OCs and canons. One canon for one OC. This rule will be amended once there's enough canons floating around. Long term or short term, there are no grand limits on the amount of OCs you can have.

Q. Can my OC be a part of a canon team?

Of course! Teams get new members all the time after all, and it's unlikely that all of the members of a canon team are even going to be played at the same point in time. We wouldn't want OCs to miss out on any of the fun of being on one, or the free plot fuel.

Q. Can my OC have connections to a canon character?

As long as you're not going overboard and declaring how that character reacts to yours, unless you've worked the details out with someone currently playing that character. If your OC is on the Justice League, why wouldn't they know Batman? If you want to play a character like someone's long-lost cousin or the child they never knew they had, it's something we'll consider on a case-by-case basis and judge it against how plausible it is given the character and the scenario. Batman having an as-yet unmentioned brother out of left field is very unlikely, but it has happened to the Martian Manhunter. Similarly, the Martian Manhunter isn't in any position to have children given the deadness of most of his species, but Damian Wayne exists. Not that we're saying to repeat those ideas, just some food for thought.

Q. Can I make an OC who's Kryptonian?

Yes! We just ask that you have a good idea in mind for how to fit them into current canon. Convenient escapees from Krypton's explosion won't be accepted; the more creative you are, the greater the chances of your OC being allowed. If you want a character that's similar to Kryptonians, but easier to work with backstories for lore-wise (since they don't have the issue with deadness), we recommend looking into Daxamites, Dheronians, and Kherubim, all of which have powers similar to Kryptonians.

Q. What are the limits on powers for OCs?

There aren't any. Yes, we're serious.

This isn't an excuse to just make the most powerful OC you can make solely for the sake of having a powerful OC, it just means that it's fine to have a strong character. What we're interested in when review an app for an OC is the concept. Are their abilities appropriate for their given background? For that matter, does their background just seem like it's designed solely as justification for a combo platter of normally unrelated abilities? These are the main things that we're going to consider when looking at powers when reviewing an app. Similarly, you don't need to slap a shitload of weaknesses onto a character to "balance them out" either. You should give your character whatever sort of strength or weaknesses you feel are appropriate given their background and origin. That said, members caught using any character -- OC or canon, strong or weak -- solely to show off and win fights will be dealt with by staff.

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06. Don't advertise your site in the cbox.

07. Have a cookie.

08. Follow the board rules and the Jcink Terms Of Service.

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10. Use the shoutbox below for open threads and tagging posts.

11. Beware Hypertime.

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