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Going South is a Post-Rebirth DC Comics site, taking place in the aftermath of the Darkseid War and DC Comics: Rebirth.

Taking place on Earth 0, the Prime Earth, world states are formed largely out of the comic books themselves versus external media, though additional lore references are pulled from shows like Young Justice and Justice League Unlimited while using the comics as a jumping off point to carry the story forward.

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 The World State, Summary and starting point for character
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Due to multiple and often times contradictory approaches and renditions of DC canon and its characters, this topic will briefly summarize the world states for various factions and franchises--split up under Superman, Green Lantern, etc--and their current standing prior to the start of the board. For characters not in the comics or depicted differently in the comics versus a cartoon or movie depiction, there will be some info on how to incorporate them.

If you're looking at Comicvine for canon character information, all canon info starts at any header that says New 52, DCnU, Prime Earth, or anything to that effect. If you're using the DC wiki, it'll be any article listed as Prime Earth, similar to this example.

If any character hasn't yet appeared in the comics or current comics canon, use whatever is available.


With the original premise of the DCnU/New 52 reboot was based on the merging of Vertigo, DC, and Wildstorm universes, DC largely failed. Characters were changed, appeared and swiftly killed off, or fell off the map. The goal is to do what DC set out to do, so all Wildstorm characters, from Backlash to Rainmaker are available for play.

If DC failed to integrate them into current canon or created horrible renditions of them--Zealot and Grifter--feel free to use a combination of information from their Wildstorm and Prime Earth counterparts to make up their history. Or you can use them as is.

Since Midnighter, Apollo, and Engineer already appeared and were well rounded, their Prime Earth counterpart backgrounds should be used.

Wildstorm lore, from the the Kheribum to the Coda and their secret enclave on Earth are all available for play with modifications as to not contradict board and DCnU canon.

Justice Society Of America

Based on the jumping off point in the canon, famed and favorite JSA characters don't exist or don't exist in the same form. No Alan Scott, no Jay Garrick, no WWII band of superheroes that went on to directly inspire the Justice League and form their own continued legacy. As with the comics, that legacy will be explored in some form through plot.

All of those characters do exist in some form in Earth-2, and while not accessible from the start, will be available for play at some point.

Green Arrow

If you're coming from the Arrow show, it's safe to say that characters aren't the same.

Diggle exists and his relationship is roughly the same with Ollie. Sarah and Laruel don't exist in canon, as both were largely inspired by the canon Black Canary (who shares the same name as Laurel from the show, of course). Likewise with Thea Queen, who was based on several comic characters and doesn't exist in in the current comics, where Ollie's half sister, Emiko, is the daughter of Shado and Ollie's father.

Show exclusive characters are allowed if you can come up with a plausible reason why Ollie has another half-sister he didn't know about.

Also, Green Arrow resides in Seattle in current canon versus Starling/Star City. Felicity Smoak, unlike in Arrow, started off as a hacker hired by a villain before switching sides and working with Green Arrow for a brief period of time. Green Arrow in the comics already has a support team via Naomi and Henry.


Comic Barry lacks a core support team, though he does often consult with people within Star Labs. He was never taken in by the West family after his mother was murdered and his father put into prison.

There's TWO WALLY WEST'S. They're both cousins; the older Wally West was the original Kid Flash who worked with Dick Grayson as Robin in the original Teen Titans. The younger Wally West is a teenager. Both are Iris' nephews rather than long lost brothers. Clearly, they're related to different brothers.

The older Wally was removed from reality by an unknown threat, and everyone who ever knew him had forgotten he ever existed. He was recently brought back into the universe by Barry and is working to reestablish the previous connections he had and somehow restore the memories of everyone he ever met.

Anyone familiar with Flash comic canon is aware of Bart Allen; Barry's great grandnephew from the future who didn't technically exist in the New 52, and instead was replaced by a character who was eventually revealed to be Bar-Tor. Bar-Tor and his exploits are still canon to the board, but the traditional Bart Allen is immune to time anomalies, continuity changes, and universal reboots, so he could exist within the universe as well.

Current jumping off point for the Flash family is that there was a massive Speed Force storm in Central City, and now a bunch of random individuals suddenly have a connection to the Speed Force and superhuman abilities. Flash is working with Star Labs to investigate, round up, and train these newly powered individuals in the Speed Force.

It's worth nothing that the Rogue's are no longer rogue and are sort of a heroic team after receiving a pardon during the Crime Syndicate attack, with Captain Cold also serving as a member of the Justice League. Whether that continues remains to be seen.


Superman has died following the loss of his powers, forces restoration of his powers through Kryptonite poisoning, and absorbing the anti-light of the firepits of Apokolips, his body exploding and turning to ash. In the process, both Lois Lane and Lana Lang, who were bathed in the explosive death of Superman, are now super powered. Lois has a more traditional Kryptonian powerset while Lana's are more extensive, utilizing electromagnetic energy manipulation in her powered form.

Having her own issues with her powers at the same time as the now deceased Superman, Supergirl opted to work with the Department of Extranormal Operations in National City to restore her powers with the catch of becoming their agent. Her adoptive family and cover identity is as Kara Danvers.

Alex Danvers doesn't exist in comic canon, but given the openness of the Danvers family, there's no reason why she couldn't exist and have a similar relationship to Kara and her parents on the show--both parents are alive and active within the DEO on the board.

Linda Danvers could exist in this dynamic as well, though without (Kryptonian) superpowers. At least from the onset.

Lex Luthor, a member of the Justice League following his assistance in saving the world during the Crime Syndicate incursion, has gained control of Apokolips following the war between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, which he uses for his own purposes. He is also the newest Superman following the death of the original.

But even though Superman has died, there is still another. Through forces unknown to him following the cosmic, multiversal Convergence, Clark Kent and Lois Lane from a dead universe found their way into this one with their newborn son Jonathan, arriving shortly before the first appearances of the modern day superheroes. This world was similar to his own, but so different, so he opted to work in the shadows to make sure things that occurred in his world didn't happen in this one, while trying to stay out of the way of his native universe counterpart and his allies.

The final battle of the deceased Superman brought him into the open and was present at his death along with Batman, Wonder Woman, Lois, and Lana, leaving them to wonder as to his identity.

Kon-El, the Superboy clone disappeared during a fight with his doppelganger in the timestream and has yet to return.

Green Lantern

In order to shield the Green Lantern Corp for blame for various atrocities committed and their poor reputation following the Guardians going rogue, Hal Jordan took the blame and went renegade. In his absence from the Green Lantern Corp, the entirety of the Corps went missing, trapped in a dying universe. In their wake, Sinestro lead his Corps to fill the power vacuum, actively saving entire worlds and the universe with the Sinestro Corps, with his daughter, Soranik Natu, acting as figurehead and leader.

With the Green Lantern Corps gone, the Sinestro Corps has become the premiere law enforcement organization, often much to the chagrin of many who feel that any such Corps is bad news and those who feel it's only a matter of time before they start to use their Fear abilities for antagonistic purposes.

After returning to Earth, Hal Jordan met up with Simon Baz and rookie Lantern Jessica Cruz and put them in charge of protecting Earth while he went off to discover what exactly happened to the Green Lantern Corps.

As for the GLC itself, they have been striving to find their way back into the universe, and may have just found their way home....


Following his death, return, and the events that transpired in the Darkseid/Anti-Monitor war and the death of his best friend, Batman not only has to deal with the knowledge of an apparent doppelganger of Clark being out in the world, but also with the knowledge that the Joker is apparently not a singular entity, but is in fact three individuals.

To make matters worse, Batman can't escape the nagging feeling that he and everyone else in Gotham, is being watched and has set out to round up the troops and circle the wagons with Batwoman's and Red Robin's assistance, training the next generation of Gotham vigilantes in preparation for this new, unknown threat.

Wonder Woman

Paradise Island has vanished, and none of the Greek Gods are anywhere to be seen. To make matters worse, Wonder Woman is lost, with a tugging at the back of her mind that everything she thought she knew isn't what she knew; something that's made worse by the existence of Donna Troy, whose previous experience with Wonder Woman is contradicted by the nagging thoughts she seems to have from the events that brought her (back) together with the Titans and the return of the older Wally West.


Yes, Spider-Man. Strange forces at work have altered reality to a state where Peter Parker is a native inhabitant of the universe, gaining his super powers as a teenager and operating as Spider-Man alongside Batman, Superman, as well as Dick Grayson and Jason Todd during their stints as Robin, even going as far as making periodic appearances as part of Dick Grayson's iteration of the Teen Titans.


The likes of Sportsmaster, Artemis, and the Kal'Dur Aqualad should look toward the Young Justice cartoon and comics. This isn't mandatory, but with Young Justice turning Sportsmaster into a legitimate character, little previous use of Kal in the comics, and Artemis Crock jobbing in about five pages in the current comics lore, it's best to go with what treated them right.

Miss Martian, who only had a cameo once in the current books, could either be sourced from YJ, pre-Flashpoint comic books, or a combination of multiple sources.

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